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BMB Basketballs mission

Focus, GOals and Direction

BMB Basketball was born from a love of the game of basketball. From the age of eight years old head coach Brett has loved the game and loves teaching and helping players of all ages right throught to senior players. Head coach Brett has coached professionally in the SEABL, (NBL1) and at a number of national tournaments, so has great knowledge and experience to help you get to the highest levels of competition.
Our mission at BMB Basketball is to create disciplined, hard working, reilient and respectful athletes. BMB will provide great fundamentals right from the start of a players or coaches career.

Correct motor functions, mechanics and techniques for executing skills required in the game of Basketball. Correct terminology and hard work ethic and mind set. Continued development and challenges to maximize skill level achieved by players and coaches.

BMB Basketball skills academy is focused on giving players a holistic approach to basketball.

My goal in all the coaching I do is to develop young players into respectable team oriented individuals who understand the importance and values of hard work, dedication, commitment. Teach players to learn to appreciate the rewards of improvement through hard work.

I want everyone I work with to be best they can be and to learn and grow at our my Academy. My hope is that coaches, players and parents can become better individuals. The Holistic role and approach is what I like to impart on those around me. Develop resilience required for elite sport and struggles of life and what it can throw at them as they grow. Deal with adversities when things aren’t going their way and help them overcome them and emerge out the other side the better for it. All these values are important for elite sport, and I live and breathe them.


Lead by Head Coach and owner of BMB Brett McKean who has over 25 years experience at all levels of basketball from Under 8s, to NBL 1, Nationals and Vic Championship. Brett is an accreditted coach at association level with professional experience.

With a high attentional to detail and getting the basics right, we expect all players to develop, get better and become better people along the way.

We specialize in skills training for all ages 4 and up, from beginners to advanced and rep players. We also offer coach development with ongoing coach support for all coaches who join the BMB Family.

For Ballers That want to get better

We want to create a friendly program that develops and teaches good sportsmanship, hard work ethic, focus, determination to be the best a player or coach can possibly be. Our players will learn to play hard and train harder! Players and Coaches will learn that they need to work hard to achieve good results.


Our Program will be positive and encouraging of all players to be their best and help them to achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

At BMC Basketball we are all about providing begginner to elite training and development for your budding superstars of the future and for coaches to expand their knowledge and understanding of the game. Head coach Brett McKean has worked with players of all ages and skill levels for over 25 years and will provide opportunities for all program members from overseas opportunities, high level coaching and much more from his vast experience and contacts gained over many years of being involved with Basketball.

We have a great group of high level coaches ready to help you develop your game!

Located in Officer

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