BMC Basketballs mission

Focus, GOals and Direction

BMB Basketball was born from a love of the game of basketball. From the age of eight years old head coach Brett has loved the game and loves teaching and helping players of all ages right throught to senior players. Head coach Brett has coached professionally in the SEABL, (NBL1) and at a number of national tournaments, so has great knowledge and experience to help you get to the highest levels of competition.
Our mission at BMB Basketball is to provide great fundamentals right from the start of a players or coaches career. Correct motor functions, mechanics and techniques for executing skills required in the game of Basketball. Correct terminology and hard work ethic and mind set. Continued development and challenges to maximize skill level achieved by players and coaches.

BMC Basketball has a clear goal to develop young basketballers and coaches to provide them the skills required to compete at the highest levels. Not just fundamental skills but mental toughness and understanding of how the game should be played. How to react to situations and play, starting with skill development for younger age groups and growing into game play and understanding positions and situations. Ongoing support and development for both coaches and players.

Our focus is clearly to teach our players to be disciplined, good sports and to play hard and train harder. Player IQ training, very rarely taught properly.


So many players miss out on opportunities to compete at higher levels due to getting poor development early on in their basketball journeys, or being over looked due to height or some other poor reason. At BMC Basketball we are clearly focused and determined to give all our players the best opportunities to improve every time they are on the court and provide guidance along the way to navigate the world of Basketball and its many pathways to maximise potential.

With our end goal and direction for the Academy is to provide valuable tools, knowledge, skills and ongoing support and development for all who join us to reach the highest levels if thats whay they choose to do. To help as many kids learn to play basketball with less bad habits that they often pick up from poor coaching early on in their Basketball journeys. We want to provide job opportunity for those kids that want to stay in Basketball and don't want to ref or aren't quite able to get  a contract as paid as a player by offering coaching interships.


With connection to high perfromance basketball personnel BMC Basketball will utilize these connections to provide fitness and strength training as players grow and mature, also diet and injury prevention and management are all key areas we will be covering for our players.

A lot of skills training and academys will run lots of fancy drills that look great but miss teaching  important teaching fundamentals of the game. Knowing when to use the flashy moves and how to read the right time to use them in games is often overlooked. We also want our players understanding team mates, and players moving without the ball and many other aspects. We like to take a holistic approach to the game, teaching about mental toughness and preparation for games and looking after the body.

We have sports science and body movement coaches to facilitate strength and conditioning specifically tailored to basketball specific moevments. We expect players to look after their minds and bodies as well as study. Study is important for players wishing to gain scholarships later on as they approach completion of high school. Most companies will not give you all the required information in regards to this, most will charge you a ridiculous fee to join or to get in contact with U.S colleges, we also have a connection to ANCA who have the only qualified NCAA educator/recruiter in Australia.

We also supply the BEST custom uniforms, bags, basketballs, drink bottles etc. Any custom merchandise you need for your club we can get it. Great quality products at competitive prices. We gaurantee our products are the best quality for money.

For Ballers That want to get better

We want to create a friendly program that develops and teaches good sportsmanship, hard work ethic, focus, determination to be the best a player or coach can possibly be. Our players will learn to play hard and train harder! Players and Coaches will learn that they need to work hard to achieve good results.


Our Program will be positive and encouraging of all players to be their best and help them to achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

At BMC Basketball we are all about providing begginner to elite training and development for your budding superstars of the future and for coaches to expand their knowledge and understanding of the game. Head coach Brett McKean has worked with players of all ages and skill levels for over 25 years and will provide opportunities for all program members from overseas opportunities, high level coaching and much more from his vast experience and contacts gained over many years of being involved with Basketball.

We have a great group of high level coaches ready to help you develop your game!

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