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Brett McKean

Head Coach

I want to see every player develop and improve to their maximum potential, to give them the best chance of succeeding at what ever level they choose to set their goals on.

Achievements and coaching experience and history

Coach of Youth League Womens Champions 2019

Bronze Medal at National Junior Classic 2017

SCC nomination 2017

Bendigo Classic tournament champions 2017

Junior Blues U12.1 Head coach 2016/17

USA tournament Champs Fallbrook classic 2015/16

Frankston Womens SEABL assistant coach 2015-17

U16 boys Victorian Championship gold medal 2014

U14 boys National junior classic gold medal 2013

U14 boys Victorian Championship gold medal 2013

U14 boys National Club Championship Gold medal 2013 

Gold and bronze medals in multiple divisions of VJBL Nunwawading Tournament champions (domestic team competing against rep teams)

26 years coaching experience at all ages and skill levels

13 years coaching junior representative Basketball in all age groups

Experience with mental and physical preparation Selection and try out processes

Scouting and talent idenification

Implementing team plan and structure

Creation of playbooks

Creating training plans for teams and individuals

Implement training plans based on scouting, playbooks and game review

Coaching of school teams to compete at a high level

Boosting confidence of athletes to strengthen their mentality and views towards their sport and peers

Teach athletes to be respectful of those around them, officials, spectators etc

Running of camps and clinics from begginners to advanced levels

International Coaching Experience 

Association Level Accreditation

Frank Ferraro

Frank is energetic and enthusiastic with a love of Basketball and we are proud to have Frank on our coaching team, his experience and love for the game of Basketball im sure will translate through to our players and coaches here at BMC Basketball.

Education : Bachelor Degree in Exercise and Sport Science at Victoria University


Self-motivated and energised Sport/Exercise Scientist focused on the enhancement of athletes performance as well as helping people who want to improve their overall health and fitness. 


My goal as a sport scientist is to help athletes increase their specific fitness components being agility, endurance, balance, speed, strength, and power, put in place the preventative measures to decrease the chance of injuries occurring and in the situation of an injury, provide athletes with rehabilitation programs to allow them to have the safest and most efficient method to recovery.


I have extensive knowledge in sports physiology, advanced exercise physiology, advanced biomechanics, sports biomechanics, resistance training, nutrition and many more. With my theoretical/practical knowledge that I have gained throughout my studies at Victoria University, combined with my previous experiences of being a high level athlete, I have the required skills and knowledge to advance athletes athletic development and to provide athletes with quality services for all who are looking to have a greater advantage to be successful in their respective sporting field.


Basketball Background 

-Former Victoria Championship (VC) player

-Former Big V player

-Coached by Australian basketball champions (Jason Smith, Darryl McDonald, Lanard Copeland) and former NBA player Sedale Threatt

-Received 7 MVP awards and 1 Big V coaches award 

Craig McKean

History and Experience

8 Years coaching experience

Rep and domestic

Selection and try out process

Scouting and Talent Identification

Implenting team plan and structure

Bronze medal at National Junior Classic 2017

Bendigo Clasic Junior tournament Champions 2017

Specialist tactics coach

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