• DO you love basketball?

  • Do you love talking hoops?

  • Are you a new parent coach who doesnt know where to start?

  • Are you a player looking to coach?

  • Are you an experienced coach wanting to help others?

  • Want to earn a living coaching?


Internship Program

Our coaching internship program runs all year and we have multiple coaching opportunities for you if you love Basketball and love the game.

Do you like talking tactics, learning about new techniques and ways to teach Basketball skills, or are you new to the game and want to learn to help your child on their basketball journey?

Then this is the program for you!

Constant guidance and help with your sessions, in game coaching tuition from highly experienced coaches and much more.

Want to coach in another country? We can help with that too.

How the program works

We have a minimum number of hours required of learning time and each case is based individually on each coaches development. You will get paid while you are learning at the starting rate of $20 per hour.


In this time you will learn all the tools necessary to be a great coach, you will learn our terminology and ways of teaching so that players have a clear message that they can process and understand. You will learn to plan practice sessions, coach domestic teams, run skills sessions and how to develop players skills through our proven methods of teaching basketball at a high level over many years. You will also get to coach at our school holiday camps which is another opportunity to earn more money coaching with us.

Already coaching? Having a particular problem? Not sure how to handle a situation? Your team trains really well and is good at drills but cant get it done during games? Need help with game day tactics? If any of this sounds like something you could use help with then our program is perfect for you.

New coaches will start by observing and watching an experienced coach run a skills session, team coaching and or an individual session. You will be designated a domestic team  and will work closely with an experienced coach, listening and learning our terminology and the way we coach and the things we teach. Gradually progressing to take over coaching the team on your own.

You will learn to create training plans, create training flow, learn how to communciate with players so they understand what you want them to do, effectively use a whiteboard and how to develop players skills and understanding of the game of basketball.

There is a registration form and you must continue coaching with us each year to remain registered with our program and to continue to enjoy the opportunities and benefits that come with being part of our coaching group. It also allows us to provide ongoing coaching support and help with you at your training time and game times. No need to change your shecdule.


This program is unlike any other.

What you can get from BMC Basketballs Coach N Hoops Program.



Kit Bag, with basketball, hurdles and more

Increase your knowledge of the game

Travel, interstate and overseas

Coach Domestic Basketball

Coach skills sessions and holiday camps

Work with NBL and WNBL players and coaches

Work with American college coaches and athletes

Work with NBA skills training coaches

Develop you understanding and knowledge of the game

Ongoing support at training and during games


Coaches can make full time living coaching junior basketball, let us help you and show you how.


All Coaches shirts and equipment provided.

To apply go to our registrations page and find our Coach N Hoops registration form and apply today to start your basketball coaching career.

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