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Brett McKean

Founder, Director & Head Coach


0408 565 477


A Bit About Me

My love of Basketball started at the age of 8 when i started playing. I started coaching at the age of 14 and loved it, the love for basketball has continued to grow and i love to learn and improve everytime im on court with a group of athletes. My passion for coaching has evolved over the years, from just enjoying coaching and the competition and challenge of moulding a team to play together, to now being almost entirely about giving every player I coach the opportunities that i missed out on as a junior player myself and help them to be the best version of themselves.

Over my 29 years coaching the game i love i have been blessed to travel, having coached in the USA where we won the Fallbrook classic. Worked with WNBL players, i have been an assistant to some great coaches and have head coached for many years at VC level. I look forward to learning and growing as a coach over the years to come and am excited for what the future holds.

Work Experience

Dandenong Rangers

Frankston Blues

Pakenham Warriors

International Experience

Officer Basketball Club

History and Experience

Key Skills and Strengths

Professional Experience

Positions Held


  • 7 years VC coaching experience

  • Assistant Coach Youth League Women’s Championship Division Gold medal team 2019

  • Junior classic gold medal

  • The U16 Victorian Championship

  • Gold Medal at the U14 national championships in 2013.

  • Silver Medal at the U16 National Junior Classic 2015

  • Assistant coach of gold medal winning U14 National Championship team

  • Assistant coach of gold medal winning U14 Victorian Championship Team

  • Assistant coach of gold medal winning U14 National Junior Classic team

  • 10 years Head coach for Dandenong rangers

  • 1st year coaches recognition award

  • NBL1/SEABL assistant coach 2015/16

  • NBL1/SEABL assistant coach 2016/17

  • U12.1 Girls Head Coach

  • National Junior Classic Bronze medal

  • Finished 5th overall in VC

  • Made grand final 1st two years as head coach

  • Named as Pakenham all-star coach 2 years in a row

  • Played for Senior team in MMBL

  • Coached in the USA

  • Junior varsity, High Schools

  • Won the Fallbrook classic

  • Head of Operations

  • D.O.C and player development

  • Started with two small boy’s teams in first season 2018

  • 2nd season grew to 4 boy’s teams 2019

  • 3rd Season grow to 14 Junior teams, (4 girls, 1 mixed and 9 boys) and 2 senior men’s teams 2020

  • 4th Season we are now at over 25 teams and still growing

  • Started playing Basketball age 8

  • Played MMBL for Pakenham Warriors

  • Started coaching at age 14           

  • Dandenong Rangers for over 10 years 7+ years in VC

  • Victorian Championship Experience

  • 26 years’ coaching experience at all levels

  • Experience with mental and physical preparation

  • Selection and try out processes

  • Scouting and talent identification

  • Implementing team plan and structure

  • Creation of playbooks

  • Creating training plans for teams and individuals

  • Implement training plans based on scouting, playbooks and game review

  • Coaching of school teams

  • Possess strong leadership qualities

  • Have great decision-making power

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

  • Ability to advise and provide resolutions to athletes concerns or problems

  • Boosting confidence of athletes to strengthen their mentality and views towards their sport and peers

  • Teach athletes to be respectful of those around them, officials, spectators etc.

  • Running of camps and clinics from beginners to advanced levels

  • NBL1 Assistant coach 2 years

  • Coached WNBL players

  • Player and team scouting and reporting

  • Create training plans according to scouting reports

  • Monitoring all athletes to give them confidence to perform at a high level

  • Video and game tape review

  • Record and analyze statistics

  • Dandenong Rangers                                         Head and Assistant coach roles

  • Officer Basketball Club                                     Operations Manager D.O.C

  • Rowville Rockets Basketball Club                   Coaching Director

  • Bobcats Basketball Association                      Programs director and Coach                                                                                    development

  • Hoops 247                                                          Head coach schools’ programs

  • Skills coach

  • BMB Basketball                                                 Owner

                                                                                   Head Coach

                                                                                   Custom Merchandise

                                                                                   Logo and uniform design

  • Current Police check

  • Current Working with children checks    

  • NCAS level 1 Accredited coach Basketball Australia (Club)

  • NCAS level 2 Accredited coach Basketball Australia (Association)

  • CPR - First Aid trained

  • Provide basic Emergency life support

  • Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation

  • ASADA - Anti doping level 1

  • ASADA - Anti doping level 2

  • ASADA - Anti doping for coaches

  • IDIS coaches’ course

  • Keep Sport Honest - Match fixing awareness


Stephen Blackley

High Performance Basketball Coach


I couldn't be any prouder of what Brett McKean and Craig McKean have done with the U/12 Blues Girls.

Your hard work and dedication have paid off with 3rd place at a National tournament.

The way your team played all weekend was special and backed up by a great parent group who supported everyone and whatever decisions Brett made. When asked by my son Callan who were the starting 5 and Brett's best players I said I was unsure because of the way they play and move the ball so well.

What makes Brett a great coach is he is prepared to keep asking questions and wants feedback from his peers.

His work ethic is outstanding and he goes beyond what most Rep coaches do.

His relationship with Mike Brookens has further enhanced his coaching through SEABL.



Patrick and April Darcy

Parents, Pakenham Melbourne


Thank you so much for putting so much time and effort over many years with Matthew's basketball and simply being a good role model and friend for him to look up to.


Matt certainly respects you Brett as an excellent basketball coach and he will always remember the excellent development at the ground level that put him in good stead for realizing his dream to play college basketball in America. Matthew has had a pretty good first year at Green Mountain College. He got some good minutes in some games and was starting 5 in a couple of them.


We also see you as a terrific role model for him and appreciate all your time and effort over many years of coaching Matt, you have shown support and encouragement of our son in not just playing basketball, but also as a positive role model of life in general. It has been people like yourself who have helped made Matthew's dream come true, as well as assisted with him having a successful career after hopefully gaining a College Degree.


You may not realize, but you are one of the links of the chain that have helped changed a person’s life for the better and those middle years with you certainly were all quality.

So, on behalf of Matthew, April and I, a big thank you Brett for all your support, encouragement and guidance over several years.


​Glenn Orth

Parent, Mt. Eliza, Melbourne


I have known Brett for 2 years. His passion for the game is obvious and infectious.


He treats his girls as true athletes and demands the highest levels of commitment and professionalism from those partaking in his program. He provides the girls a pathway to ensure they optimize their talents and dare to dream that a professional career can be achieved with hard work and dedication. Life skills, preparation tips, rest and recovery, injury prevention and nutritional guides have all been provided by Brett as part of his holistic approach to his athletes.


Brett’s talent identification to achieve outstanding results are evident with his team this year. Brett is a Basketball tragic who is a student of the game.


Brett is a technically strong coach, who is quick to identify and amend player deficiencies. My daughter rates his ability to communicate complex ideas to an easy to understand level. I am also encouraged that Brett ensures players play to their strengths and can allow natural abilities to play their own games. Brett is a team first coach that demands team success overrides individual accolades. He is tactically astute and is seldom outcoached. The team is exposed to many team offensive and defensive set plays

and team philosophies. Brett always ensures more than one backup plan is in effect. Forward scouting and opposition analysis is always thorough and considered.


In conclusion, it is without hesitation that I would recommend Brett to any persons seeking to engage his services. I would strongly recommend Brett’s skillset to anybody requiring individual workout sessions, coaching clinics or trying out for selection to a representative team.



Louise Jungwirth

Parent, Mt Eliza, Melbourne


What impressed me immediately with Brett was his professionalism.  Straight away he spoke to the parents and girls about his expectations for the team, the manner in which they were expected to conduct themselves as a member of the team, and his credentials as a coach and how this could help the girls to attain to a high standard of playing.  Brett never wavered from his high expectations, nor did he disappoint in what he was able to offer to the girls.  His extensive knowledge and extraordinary understanding of the game meant that this team, which included 5 bottom aged players and 4 who had never played representative basketball before, made it into Metro 1 for the 2015/16 VJBL season, this was a huge achievement by any standards.


 What also sets Brett apart from other coaches is that he is a tireless worker outside game day and training of his own team, and that he continues to be a “student of the game” himself, always looking for ways to improve his knowledge of the game and ways that he can become a better coach.


 Brett has also volunteered his time to help a team in need at a domestic club I am affiliated with, this is also a great reflection on the type of person that he is.


My daughter has improved dramatically under the guidance and coaching of Brett, it is not just her skills that have gone from strength to strength, it is also her understanding of the game and mutual respect for her team and others affiliated with basketball.  Brett has imparted a huge element of professionalism into all the girls that he has coached.  He continues to raise the bar and makes them want to strive to be better week in week out and I therefore give Brett my highest recommendation.



Tyrone Tonkin

Player, Hallam, Melbourne


Thanks Brett for all your time, effort and encouragement over the years you coached me, it has helped me to so far reach Div. 3 college Basketball, I head off to Green Mountain very soon.  You taught me many things, other than helping to develop my skills on the court and improve my game, you taught me how to appreciate and respect the game. You gave me confidence in my abilities and I’m sure many things I am forgetting. You helped me develop my skills from a young age and I can't thank you enough.


Thanks bro for the support and all the coaching over the years, it means a lot.


Catherine Diamantopoulos

Parent, Rowville, Melbourne

Great coach, taught my daughter fundamental skills, discipline and teamwork. Brett's attitude and genuine love for the game and the kids he coaches has given my daughter self confidence in her own abilities.

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