Payment and Registration

Below are details of how to register and setup payment when starting with BMB Basketball Academy.

For any questions that are not answered here or under any of the programs under the programs tab please email us at:


Registration for Academy is $162 per year. This is from Jan 1st to Dec 31st in any year.


If you register in August you will need to re register again in january for the following year.


Registration includes a training jersey and drink bottle for all new members.

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Skills Training

After Registering you will need to setup direct debit for skills training sessions. These start at $35 per week and include one skills session and one strength and conditioning session or body movement session for younger age groups.


We expect all members to attend one strength session or movement session per week to maximise the skills training. 


Facebook group

You will need to join our members only facebook group to stay up to date with changes to training, upcoming school holiday camp information and new updates.


You will only be able to request to join the members page after registering.

Click Below or scan QR code to join members group.

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Academy Registration - $162

(Includes Jersey and Drink Bottle)

Academy Training - $35per week

(Includes 1 skills session and 1 strength and conditioning session)

Academy Training - 2 sessions $55per week

(Includes 2 skills sessions and 1 strength and conditioning session)

Academy Training - 3 sessions $75per week

(Includes 3 skills sessions and 1 strength and conditioning session)

Academy Yearly Membership - $162 upfront, then $30 per week

(Package includes, Reversible Jersey, Drink Bottle, all skills training sessions, all strength and conditioning sessions, all school holiday camps. Its an all inclusive package that runs for one whole year)

Mini Ballers - $137 per term

(Includes, reversible jersey and drink bottle)

Coach N Hoops - $192

(Includes, kit bag with basketballs and cones for you to take away, ongoing support for life)

Coaches boards are available for purchase.

Individuals - $80 per week for a minimum of 3 months

(Includes, reversible jersey and drink bottle, video analysis of shooting, access to our app and ongoing advice and support)

Jump Start School holiday camp - $15 per week

(Only runs on one day of school holidays, see programs tab for details.

Includes, reversible jersey and drink bottle)