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Codes of Conduct

The Code of Conducts apply to everyone involved in basketball and must be followed at all times, as part of BMC Basketball we expect it of all of our members. Anyone that breaches any of the codes of cunducts may be asked to leave the program. If a serious breach of the code of conduct takes place and you are asked to leave the program there will be no refunds and you will forfiet all monies paid to program and will not be allowed back to the club under any circumstances. Any paid coaching you are involved with will be forfieted also.

To view codes of conduct for players, parents and coaches please hover mouse over the CODE OF CONDUCT page tab and then click the code of conduct that you wish to view. As coaches we should have a great understanding of all codes of conducts as we are the leaders of our teams and programs and everyone looks to us for guidance. We expect a high level of maturity and professionalism at all times, this means educating players and paretns of their responsibilities and their codes of conduct they agree to by playing for us or when attedning any of our programs.

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