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Head of Athletic Development
Tim Morgan


Introducing our unique athletic development program for junior athletes creating safe, fun and educational environment to help each participant learn how to maximise their own sessions. To achieve this goal we have partnered up with qualified personal trainer Tim Morgan and his team at 4 U Body Fitness. Tim has specialised in training children and children athletes since 2004, and brings a range of expertise in coaching, strength and conditioning and basketball specific training to our BMB programs.

We start with building basic movement patterns that promote balance, flexibility, strength and speed that is catered to each young athletes level. Creating a foundation on moving with correct technique to maximise each athletes potential. We have a strong focus on fun and play based training to make sure the young athletes stay focused and engaged at all times whilst maximising their own individual workouts


Our athletic development program aims to create strong, agile and stable players to maximise durability and prevent injuries, all while getting faster, stronger, more agile agility, increase endurance and become overall healthier and fitter individuals.


We  include access to our athletic development program in all of our BMB packages and programs so all players can take advantage of this unique opportunity.

1 ADP Session $20 per week
2 ADP Sessions $30 per week
3 ADP Sessions $40 per week
1 Skills + 1 ADP session $45 per week
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